Right now, right here in Ontario, the vast majority of children with disabilities do not have access to sports, activities, skill development,and other participatory programming.

Why does it matter? Why should we care?

Because children go unseen. Parents go unheard. And frankly, there are very few places where children with disabilities can go and just be… a kid.

It’s not a question of your son being picked last for dodgeball, it’s him not being invited. It’s your daughter watching from the sidelines because no one thought she could keep up. As a parent, it’s feeling like there’s no place for your child, which is isolating.

All children, especially those with disabilities, need a place where they can feel included and participate.

So they can face the challenges of the world around them.
So they can build confidence and skills.

A place where they grow in spirit and abilities, right in front of your eyes.
A place where we allow children, all children, regardless of ability to come as they are.

  • How we help

    At Variety, we bring parents, countless volunteers, donors, and local community-driven organizations and funders together for a single purpose: to create welcoming spaces, run dynamic programming, and make one-on-one connections that transform the lives of children with disabilities, right here at home.

    Through sports, fitness, training, and skills development, we offer specialized programming and services dedicated to establishing accessible and inclusive opportunities for children with disabilities, creating a level playing field devoid of barriers, intimidation, or other obstacles, and to make a profound difference in the spirits and lives of children with disabilities and their families.


Access to Variety programming changed Madison, Liam, and Catherine forever.

Allow them to introduce themselves.

  • Joyful

    I’m Madison, your new inspiration.
    My needs aren’t special when every day is filled with joy.

  • Tenacious

    I’m Liam, your new motivation.
    I only see the barriers that crumble at my tenacity.

  • Unshakeable

    I’m Catherine, your new strength.
    I’ll show you how unshakeable people like me can be.

With the help of everyday people like you we’ve supported over


children with disabilities
and their families for over 70 years.

But we’re just getting started. We want to see every child in every community across Ontario have access to inclusive programming.

Here are 3 ways you can help today.

There’s a direct link between your support and a child’s development. After all, you can come by and see the impact in person.

Offer your time, skill set, and attention to kids who need you.


Giving $35 can change a child’s life.


Parent advocates and community leaders have the power to make change.

Speak up