The annual Sun Christmas Fund was founded in 1983 to bring hope to kids with disabilities and families struggling through the holiday season. Former Toronto Sun columnist, Mike Strobel carries on the tradition each Christmas to help champion our kids, our athletes, our staff and our mission. Since its inception, and with the added donations from 2022 – the Sun Fund has now raised over $1.8 million dollars!

The annual Toronto Sun Christmas Fund was founded in 1983 to bring hope to kids with disabilities and families struggling through the holiday season. The campaign now serves as a major fundraising contributor for Variety Ontario during the holiday season providing inclusive programming and services for children across Ontario.

Mike Strobel and the Toronto Sun have always gone above and beyond to shine a light on Variety Village, Variety – the Children’s Charity of Ontario. Quirky Toronto Sun columnist, veteran writer, editor, author, and very good friend of the Village, ‘Noble’ Strobel took over the reins of the Toronto Sun Christmas Fund in 2008 after the passing of fund co-founder and sports journalist, George Gross. With Mike at the helm these past 13 years (three of those years after his retirement from The Toronto Sun), he has helped raise the fund total to over $1.8 million.

Mike continues to help make a difference in the lives of many people with disabilities, and he has been a true champion of Variety Village, our kids, our athletes, our staff and our mission.

  • Chances to WIN…

    With every donation you are entered to win some stellar draw prizes, it’s a win-win!

    • Toronto Blue Jays Tickets
    • Hockey Hall of Fame Tickets
    • Golf Prize Packs
    • Gift Cards & more!

    Contest draw date: January 5, 2024


    • Online donation: Click here
    • Phone: (416) 699-7167
    • Mail: Variety-the Children’s Charity of Ontario, 3701 Danforth Avenue, Scarborough ON M1N 2G2

    Cheques made payable to ‘Variety – the Children’s Charity of Ontario’.
    Please include your full name, address and email address for tax receipting purposes.
    Please do not send cash in the mail.
    Tax receipts issued for donations of $20 or more.
    Your name may be published in the Toronto Sun Donor List.

    Please click to read:
    The Toronto Sun Variety Ontario Christmas Fund Contest Rules 2023
    Toronto Sun Fund Contest Mini Rules 2023

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