Variety is an ideal partner for your corporate giving strategy. Offering event sponsorship, corporate giving campaigns, matching workplace donations and corporate activations, we aim to help make sure your company experience will be as impactful as it is impressive.

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    For more details about a specific option, please contact Chris Yaccato at cyaccato@varietyontario.ca or at 416-699-7167 ext 291.


    Variety’s corporate volunteering program will give your group the opportunity to get hands-on and directly make a difference in our facility, impacting the lives of our members! They will also gain an understanding of some of the critical issues Variety’s members tackle everyday in our communities. It’s an excellent team building experience and encourages your employees to use their skills and talents in a rewarding way.

    If you are interested in having your group volunteer, please contact Chris Yaccato at cyaccato@varietyontario.ca or at 416-699-7167 ext 291.

    Please include the following information:
    Group Size and Timeline (when are you hoping to come in and for how long?)

    We will get back to you and discuss available opportunities that fit your group’s size, ability and interests.


    Variety creates corporate experiences that aim to help you and your employees build strongest bonds between each other and those you serve. We strive to enhance your knowledge about inclusivity and accessibility, while sharing more of what Variety does and how we help.

    We offer unique learning experiences through our half-day or full-day group-focused program, highlighting the work we do and helping you learn about the issues facing the community we serve. Participants will go through a series of activities and educational sessions and take part in interactive recreation and sports activitations, such as learning how to navigate a world made for able-bodied individuals. At the end of the day, participants will earn their Instruction to Inclusion Certificate. Our goal is to create the perfect experience, customized for you!

    If you are interested in a customized corporate experience, please contact Chris Yaccato at cyaccato@varietyontario.ca or at 416-699-7167 ext 291.

The Corporate Experience


    Example Timeline: 9:00am-12:00pm | 12:00pm-3:30pm
    Fees: 10-20 participants at $90/person | 20+ participants at $85/person

    • Volunteer activities on-site
    • Inclusion awareness tour
    • Accessible team building
    • Learning experiences
    • Recreation and sport activation
    • Space for lunch & team talk

    Example Timeline: 10:00am-4:00pm
    Fees: 30+ Participants at $160/person

    • Multiple volunteer activities
    • Inclusion awareness tour
    • Learning experiences
    • Accessible team building
    • Recreation and sport activations
    • Space for lunch & team talk


We are so grateful for the support of our corporate partners and know that each one of you is critical to the work Variety strives to achieve; so for that we say thank you! We also want to acknowledge our partners in communication materials and on social media whenever possible. Depending on the level of engagement agreed upon, additional opportunities for recognition are available and open for discussion.

For more information please contact:
Chris Yaccato
416-699-7167 ext 291