• Our ambassadors make a difference

    At Variety, we know that big dreams are possible. Being one of only a few facilities worldwide where all abilities are integrated, Variety is a place where anyone can develop independence, self-confidence and new skills.

    Variety Ambassadors know how to work hard and have fun at their respective activities, and never turn down a chance to champion the cause.

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  • Why Should you Become an Ambassador?

    • Gain transferable skills through hands on experiences
    • Build friendships and develop your network
    • Make a difference
    • Raise awareness
    • Participate in online social media campaigns
    • Speak up for children and youth in need
    • Present a fresh perspective
  • Benefits for Ambassadors

    • Ambassador volunteer hours apply towards high school community involvement requirements
    • Ambassador swag
    • Opportunities to attend events FREE
    • Annual Ambassador Appreciation event

    Become an Ambassador

    Want to become an ambassador? Please fill out the application and email it to our Volunteer Coordinator,
    Smeeta Solanhal at ssolanhal@varietyontario.ca.

    Become an Ambassador

Meet Our Junior Ambassadors

  • Kathleen, 31

    “I love playing sports in the field house with my Milestones friends.“

    Fun Fact: If I could travel anywhere in the world, I would go to Calgary because I want to spend time with my cousins, nephews and nieces.
  • Madi, 9

    “What I love most is going swimming in the pool with my coaches Hayley and Ryan."

    Fun Fact: I have been a member at Variety since I was a baby! I love swimming and I am part of the Flames para program and do physio every week to work on my walking.
  • Alexander, 17

    “Variety is a safe place for me where I can do lots of fun stuff. I meet lots of great people and try new things.”

    Fun Fact: If I could be an animal, I would be a cow because it makes milk for people to drink.
  • Zachary, 14

    “I have cerebral palsy which means my muscles don’t listen to me. Variety helps me with my CP and teaches me new skills.”

    Fun Fact: My role model is Ryan, my swimming teacher at Variety Village.
  • Matt, 42

    “I have been part of Variety for 25 years. It is my home away from home.”

    Fun Fact: My role model is former President Barack Obama because he is brilliant, a sharp dresser, eloquent, well-mannered, positive and a decent family man.
  • Pierce, 10

    “I love Variety and all the staff. I have fun at the after school program!”

    Fun Fact: My favourite sport is hockey.
  • Kyra, 9

    “I love Variety! I have been coming here since I was 3 and I like climbing the rock wall and swimming!”

    Fun Fact:My favourite colour is red and I love to colour, read, dance, run and jump on my trampoline.
  • Kate, 14

    “I love coming to Variety and playing sports with my brother Zachary!”

  • Tyler, 14

    "I love Variety because the people there are really nice and I can do many fun things like TKD, swimming and summer camps."

  • Kingston, 6

    "I do camp, after school program, swimming lessons, and children's programs at Variety. Coming to Variety has helped me learn new things and do lots of activities."

  • Joshua, 27

    "Variety has made me feel safe, included, and helped me build my self esteem. I love Variety Village and I feel honoured to represent them. I love telling people how wonderful they are."

  • Gwen, 12

    "I love doing Taekwondo and Swimming Lessons at Variety Village."

  • Isabel, 10

    "I like to see the different people working on their health and wellness."

  • Brendan, 18

    "My favourite thing to do at Variety Village is to swim and make new friends."

  • Willa, 12

    "I like the fieldhouse and my counselors at Variety Village. Also the Hot pool!"

  • Liam, 12

  • Cameron, 21

  • Taekwondo Ambassadors


    Isabel, Tyler, Gwen, and Liam

  • Sunshine Swim Team Ambassadors

    Sunshine Swim Team ambassadors

    Brendan, Madi, and Kathleen

Want to become an Ambassador?

Please fill out the application and send it to Smeeta Sohanlal at ssohanlal@varietyontario.ca

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